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Our repair can be equated with remanufacturing – what does that mean?

Remanufactured controls cost 30 to 60% less than new controls. Remanufacturing goes beyond a simple repair. Each control is analyzed by our certified electronic technicians and undergoes a complete disassembly and cleaning process. After any upgrade through the repair and replacement of defective components, the part goes through a low current bench test. Finally, a load test is performed, during which the controls are tested at maximum current to ensure quality and performance before being returned to the customer. All processes are documented by our employees and receive a Sell “Work Order” number. All remanufactured and tested controls come with a one-year comprehensive warranty.

We also try to help our customers with very rare repair parts, but full functional tests are not always possible in these cases. We subject the parts to a metrological test and replace defective elements. The final test can only take place at the customer’s forklift. In these cases, we can not offer a full warranty.

The more accurate your information, the better our ability to help

If you have a question about an order already executed, we need the Sell “Work Order” number. The number was engraved by us on the part and can be found on the delivery note as well as on the invoice.

For questions about parts that were not yet with us,we need information about the control type, model number or part number of the control itself to help you further. The vehicle type does not tell us necessarily, what control it is. Please write this information down from the control name plate before calling us.

You can now also contact us via WhatsApp and try sending us photos to simplify the identification of the part and the problem.

To get a costs estimate send us your repair part with a note requesting one.

The repair of common controls usually has a fixed price. We are happy to send you a costs estimate. However, in order to give you a binding price information, you must first send us your repair part. Please do understand that a binding cost estimate is not possible by telephone.

This is how the cost estimate is composed:

Since all controls have a fixed price we will give you that price. If you send us a complete control unit or thyristor control power units we will tell you the the fixed prices for our work on repairable control cards (or logic units and circuit boards) and replacement parts like thyristors, capacitors, coils, contactors etc. are charged extra at the daily rate. Our cost estimate for complete units is thereby composed of fixed prices + needed replacement parts that can be determined without final testing on our full-load test bench.

If additional replacement parts are required during the final inspection, these parts will be added without further inquiry as long as the final price increases by less than 10%. With more than 10% price increase, the customer is asked for approval. If you place the order as a special immediate service , the 25% immediate service surcharge will automatically be added to the fixed processing price. The necessary spare parts do not get a surcharge.


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