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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

These questions for troubleshooting, repair, shipping etc. we get again and again.

What does it mean if I get my part back with the word “Test Ok”?

Again and again we are confronted with cases in which we send back parts with the result “Test OK”. In these cases, often times real detective work is necessary on the customer’s part until the error is finally found somewehere else in the vehicle. For the assessment of the sent parts we calculate 25% – 50% of the fixed price depending on the workload. This inspection includes disassembly, cleaning and analysis of the part on our test bench. Frequently, the after-sales service technician will replace the electronics immediately or send them to us without checking that the engine and battery are OK. Even in these cases, our technicians are always ready to assist the service technicians in solving the problem. But a thorough troubleshooting at the beginning is more useful for you and us to keep costs and follow-up costs low.

Is it really the electronics? – Important preliminary tests

Proper engine and battery testing takes about 15 minutes: To perform the test properly, disconnect the motor cables from the system and use the handyman to test the insulation between the engine and the vehicle frame.
If you do not pass the test, it will cost you time and material (because they will replace the wrong or not all parts) that you can seldom bill the customer. If you or your service technicians are unsure about how to perform the troubleshooting successfully, we recommend visiting our Training for Electric Vehicle Service Technicians . Here on our website, we also offer helpful error code evaluation information for various unit typs.

Why does the control break again just shorly after installing it?

A consequence of a lack of troubleshooting is that previously repaired controls within warranty are sent back to us for repair because they are either defective immediately or after short usage. In such cases, there are often other faults in the vehicle, such as a defective Zener diode, a short in the wiring harness, a defective contactor coil, a frame in the vehicle or other defective components that have destroyed the control card and will destroy it again if not repaired.

Why is the vehicle still not running?

Some cases are more complicated than others. We often talk to customers who have already sent defective parts for repair, but after reinstalling them the vehicle still does not work. In many cases, the customer has previously sent in the control card without the power unit or the control system without a protective panel or driver. Sometimes the service technician has not adjusted the controls in the unit, or there are still broken wire harnesses or switches in the vehicle.

Can I track shipping of my repaired part online?

Our main shipping is via UPS. If you tell us (for example on the delivery note) your preferred e-mail address for tracking, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking link once the shipment has been shipped.

Is there a warranty for every repaired part?

Usually you will receive a 12-month warranty for the repair.
Condition for the warranty is, (1) that the defective units are sent to back to Sell Electronic at the customers cost (2) Sell Electronic checks the defective parts and sees that damage has occurred and is not due to improper use, misuse, neglect, improper assembly or storage, alteration or accident.
Even with very rare repair parts we try to help our customers, but full functional tests are not always possible in these cases. We subject the parts to a metrological test, replace defective elements, but the final test can only take place at the customer’s vehicle. In these cases, we can not offer a full warranty.
See our Warranty Terms for more information.

How do I see which kind of control I have?

Information on this will follow soon! Please contact us directly if you need help concerning this issue.

How do I send my repair order to Sell Electronic?

Please send us the part to be repaired with a delivery note containing your contact details. Here you can print out and fill in our delivery note template .
Be sure to use a secure packaging that will prevent further damage, especially when sending in complete systems.

I am outside the European Community (EC). What should I pay attention to when sending in my part for repair?

Information will follow soon. Please contact uns directly if you need help concerning this issue.


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