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Engine Idle Limiter Model 277EC

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Engine shutdown at idle for earthmoving and construction machinery

You have already heard of the possibility of retrofitting an engine shutdown at idle in the field of construction and earthmoving machinery? Often terms like engine stop, engine cut-off, engine idle limiter or just engine idling are used. We offer you a our retrofit kit to install into your construction and earthmoving machinery.

Handyman Component Tester

Available at Sell Electronic

The Handyman has been the industry standard worldwide for well-equipped electric vehicle after-sales service since 1979.

The Handyman is a system independent test device . That means you can inspect any control system, whether Bosch, Cableform, General Electric, Still, Lansing, Zapi, or any other brand.

Zapi-Console ZAPI+16

Available at Sell Electronic

Zapi consoles are always specific to the vehicle manufacturer or controller being processed. The Zapi Zapi + 16 Console is a converted console suitable for specific vehicles from 16 different manufacturers. It also works with most Zapi controllers used with a console port that require a special adapter cable.


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