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Over 40 Years of Sell Electronic

For more than 40 years, Sell Electronic has been providing an exceptional service to dealers and manufacturers of battery-powered vehicles: repairing faulty pulse controls for electric forklift trucks and other electric vehicles. Kenneth Sell was the first to bring such a repair program to the European market in January 1978.
Initially, the offering included control systems from General Electric, Sevcon and Still. Today all common control types can be repaired at Sell Electronic. The submitted controls are checked and repaired if a repair is economical.

Market gap discovered in 1977

As a customer service trainer at Clark, Ken Sell came up with the idea of developing a pulse control repair program. Previously, in 1977 he had conducted training seminars for dealers from Europe, Scandinavia and Africa. At almost every seminar, the question was asked: “Why do we always have to install a new one if a control card is broken? Wouldn’t it make sense to reduce the costs for our customers by repairing them?” Since Ken Sell, before he came to Germany, was responsible for the development and acceptance of new repair programs as a service engineer at the US company Flight Systems, he decided (with American support) to fill the gap in the market.

Flight Systems Opened 1978

In January 1978, Flight Systems opened a subsidiary in Mülheim an der Ruhr to build up a reliable and cost effective repair program for electric vehicle dealers and manufacturers on the European market with Ken Sell as Managing Director. In 1982, Ken Sell bought all of the shares of the subsidiary of Flight Systems and later changed its name to ‘Sell Electronic’ and in 2007 moved to Herten.

International contacts strengthen offer

Through regular visits to the former parent company, connections with other well-known American and some European companies, Sell Electronic always keeps up to date with the latest technology. The constant further development or inclusion of new products in the service program secures the market for the years to come. The examination of the products of almost every manufacturer enables the company to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of individual products and, if necessary, even to make improvements.

Emphasis on technical assistance

The specialist personnel at Sell Electronic are trained from the ground up with in the company. A period of 3-4 years is necessary until a technician is familiar with all systems on the market.
Of course, every technician has his specialty, but all technicians are confronted with each system, so that a high degree of flexibility is ensured. Self-developed test equipment is used to simulate all vehicle functions. Meanwhile, the company has unrivaled expertise for all generations of all controls.


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