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Sell Electronic is closing – TVH is your new service partner!

Dear customers,

Sell Electronic will close and cease repair operations on 21 May 2021. After more than 40 years in business, we look back on the good cooperation and sincerely thank you for your trust over the years!

We are pleased to announce that  TVH is your new service partner for all Sell Electronic services. When we close, TVH will take over the testing equipment and cover all types of repairs that have been done for Sell Electronic customers in the past.

TVH is one of the world’s largest suppliers of parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment. Over the past 20 years, the electronics department of TVH has developed into one of the largest, best-equipped and most versatile service centres for electronic spare parts of all kinds. Now, more than 60 engineers take care of the customers’ concerns. Among other things, they offer to repair your parts or replace them with refurbished spare parts.

How can I get parts repaired in the future?

You can familisarise yourself with TVH’s extensive service offer online.

The link to the repair form can be found here!

Please don’t send any more parts to Sell Electronic’s adress in Herten – the repair shop there is closed.

Who will advise and support me in troubleshooting?

TVH offers technical support in a variety of languages. Your contact person will put you in touch with the experts in the electronic department.

Telephone: +32 56 43 42 11

We wish you all the best and remain with kind regards
Ken Sell & the team of Sell Electronic


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