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    Sell Electronic

  • Ihr zuverlässiger
    Elektronik-Service-Partner seit 1977

  • Der Spezialist für die Wiederherstellung von Antriebselektronik batteriebetriebener Fahrzeuge

  • Reparaturprogramm:
    Mehr als 4000
    und Zubehörteile

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Direct Repair

No exchange program - that means you get your own part repaired.


Through our 40 years of experience, we can offer a versatile repair program.

Customer Service

We are happy to assist you from Troubleshooting to Reinstall in the forklift


Sell Electronic, founded in 1977, specializes in repairing or restoring drive electronics for battery-powered vehicles. Our customers include manufacturers, dealers and service companies of all makes of forklifts, aerial platforms, sweepers, golf carts, agricultural machinery and other electric vehicles. Read more about our repair program.

Featured: Repair of Chargers

chargers We repair various on-board chargers and stationary chargers for all types of battery-operated vehicles. Some on-board chargers have a fixed price. As we often have to purchase special replacement parts, stationary chargers will be checked in advance by one of our technicians and you will receive a written quote informing you of the price and the estimated delivery time.


Sell Electronic GmbH

Auf dem Hochstück 11a
D-45701 Herten


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